Featured Clients

Some of the clients I have had the privilege to work with.


I was offered by CocoPPa App to create a series of themes for their Launcher Application. I created more than 10 themes that had a unique personality. I designed everything, the icons, wallpaper and widgets. To see more click here


Goodfor allows you to send a personal coupons to love ones. I created the logo for the app as well as several illustrations and animations to be used in the app and notice emails. You can know more about this cool App here


SnipSnap is the app that lets you scan coupons and use them and share them in the US. I was contacted by them to create an animated video to show their new feature “Scan at Home”, the idea was to work in a limited palette to follow a mom to her shopping day and see how Scan at home will make her life easier.

I created these simple yet appealing characters that resembled the overall looks their app has. Then I created the animated video that highlights the use of the app and shows how using this app makes shopping easier.

Skyward Tale

I was hired by Panhelios to help them create the Art for their first Facebook game, Skyward Tale a game that focuses on a young boy named “Skyward” and his little toy monster named “Hugo” while they go through an adventure with the help of imagination and balloons.

For Skyward Tale, I created the characters Skyward and Hugo, thinking of an adventure yet cute boy that loves his toy monster. I also created almost all the art you see in the game, from patterns, interface, backgrounds, icons to animations and the game logo.

In Skyward Tale you can see how each set of levels brings Skyward and Hugo to a new adventure for which I created a world for they to live in, from a night in his bedroom to a snowy night at the lake.

You can play the game and see all my work here.

Advanced Medical

Advanced Medical is a travel therapy company based in Florida, USA. They needed an animated video to advertise their brand and show the new therapists the benefits of joining them. I used the characters I had created before for the company and used them to show the audience how Advanced Medical works and how good your career could be if you decide to join and become part of the company.

The end result is a video that highlights the qualities of the company, while making it fun for the young audience they wanted to receive their message.

Cook Hero

I was hired by Rapazapp to create a new Facebook video game called “Cook Hero”. The idea behind this game was to attract players that liked cooking though fun characters, dishes and animations to create a culinary adventure around the world, which players would enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

For this project I was in charge of almost all the art you see on the game, from the characters and the UI to the in game animations. I created more than one hundred assets that you can see by playing the game.

The characters are two new chefs, a young woman and a young man. Each map takes place in a different country so I designed different icons for the ingredients as well as maps and backgrounds that related to each country.


During the past year, I have been comissioned by Advanced Medical to create graphics and infographics that address related topics to their different audiences. I also created the characters that are used as their mascots. Click on the inforgraphics to see the complete infographic

Little Big Kids

I was hired by Little Big Kids to create a motion graphics web advertisement that would help sell their new product, Islamic wall clocks.

Inspired by the song “One God” by Zain Bhikha and the themes of the clocks, the client and I created a concept where these clocks became the tools to take the children wherever their imagination goes.

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