Industrial Design

Some examples of my industrial design projects


This bench was designed for humans and dogs. The idea was that dogs found a place to seat, where they could sleep and relax while in the company of their owners, it can be used in both interior and exterior environments.

Jewelery work

This set of jewelry was designed for girls, it was inspired in seahorses. The set contains a bracelet, a pendant, a keychain, a pair of earrings and a handkerchief pin.


In Mexico a lot of schools have metallic fences on the outside, so this fence-bench project is an alternative that still works as a fence but also gives you a place to take a seat.

The design is completely modular, which allows you to place as many as you need, additionally it features acrylic on the top as a way to cover you from the sun and a way to project a message on the street so people walking by sees it.

Candle Holder

This candle holder was inspired in the sunflowers; it was made of a sheet of cooper and then silver-plated.

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